Antique Naginata Blade and Original Furnishings


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Antique Naginata Blade with Tomoe style Sori and Original Furnishings

  • Condition: Good
  • Blade: 52.44 cm
  • Sori: 2.66 cm (Tomoe Shape)
  • Hamon (Temper):Midare
  • Furnishing: Black Wooden Matte Saya and Shaft(196 cm)
  • Era: Mid Edo
  • Signature: 近江守法城寺橘正弘 Oumi no Kami Houjyou Tachibana Masahiro
  • Mekugi: One

This impressive blade is an antique from mid Edo period. The Blade has a beautiful Sori in Tomoe style. The Hamon is a delicate balanced Midare Hamon. This blade was passed down in an old Kyoto merchants family until it was brought to us. The original shaft and sheath is included.



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