Antique Tanto Mint Condition Blade Rare Seashell Saya



Antique Tanto Rare Seashell Saya Mint Condition Blade

  • Condition: Mint
  • Blade: 16.3cm
  • Hamon (Temper): Plain
  • Furnishing: Black Laquer with Blue/Black Seashell and White Same Furnishing
  • Era: Mid Edo (1651~1745)
  • Signature: None
  • Mekugi: One

This Blade is kept very clean and in good condition for a blade that is over 250 years old, fully polished and in excellent condition. An unique feature of this Tanto is that it does not have a Mekugi to hold it in place, instead it has a metal decoration that can be taken out by unscrewing.  The Saya is made from wood lacquered with Blue/Black seashells and white stingray skin, it has a glitterly shean in the light. We  estimate that the furnishing was added later to an older blade.


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