CLEARANCE – Antique 2,45Shaku Shinto Shinken Sword – Mumei (Fuyuhiro) with NBTHK certificate


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Wakasa Fuyuhiro is a sword forge school from Soshu province originally, where the 1st generation Fuyuhiro originated. Later, it’s said that his son, the 2nd generation Fuyuhiro moved to Obama in Wakasa province (Nowadays Obama City in Fukui pref.) and established the quite successful Fuyuhiro School. This is where the school prospered and kept making swords until the 15th generation who lived in the end of the Edo period.
This Sword is attributed to “Fuyuhiro” by NBTHK and is supposedly from the period when the 3rd generation Fuyuhiro was active during early 1500. A perfect sword would have been worth more than 1,500,000yen in modern standards, however due to the current state of this sword and since the blade includes some folding scars, the price of this sword is 698,000yen.

Signature: Mumei/No signature (冬広 – Fuyuhiro)
Place of origin: Unknown
Period: Shinto (New sword, Late Sengoku~Edo period, ~1596・780)
Certification: NBTHK -Hozon Token- (Worthy of Preservation)

Blade length: 2.45Shaku (74.5cm)
Sori (curvature): 1.7cm
Motohaba: 30mm
Motokasane: 6mm
Sakihaba: 20mm
Sakikasane: 5mm
Hamon: Suguha ni Ko-notare

Tsuka:One Mekugi hole
Tsuba: Iron Kiku (Chrysanthemum) theme Tsuba
Mekugi: Fan theme
Tsuka wrap: Golden Yellow Silk Tsuka on Antique Samegawa
Saya: Wakasa (Glossy Red/Black/Gold irregular pattern).

+Additional Shirasaya mounting

Weight without Saya: approx. 1150grams


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