Kagemitsu(Kashu) Katana with NBTHK certificate



Kagemitsu(Kashu) Katana with NBTHK certificate

  • Condition: Excllent
  • Blade: 66.1 cm
  • Sori: 1.5 cm
  • Hamon (Temper): Gunome
  • Furnishing: Sendan Lacquered sheath and Green Tsuishu sheath
  • Era: Nanboku era 1336-1392 AD
  • Signature: None
  • Mekugi: one

This blade was forged by Kashu Kagemitsu who founded his school in Nanbokucho period. The generation continued up to mid Muromachi period. Kashu Kagemitsu blade has a dark black Jigane. You can appreciate the beauty of this sword even by just observing the Jigane.


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