At Tozando Shogoin Store, we welcome all your opinions, request, and questions. Please make an inquiry through phone call, FAX, email, or the inquiry form below.

Depending on the nature of the inquiry and other circumstances, it may take time for us to respond. We may also in some cases call you to confirm some details. Our responses to inquiries will be done during business hours. Requests received after business hours will be answered in the next days

Contact by Phone at +81-75-762-1341
:+81-75-762-1341(10AM till 7PM everday)
Contact by Fax to +81-75-762-1241
Email us at

Inquiry Form

When you use the inquiry form, upon completing the form you will receive a automated “confirmation email”. If you have not received the confirmation email, your inquiry may be incomplete so please check to following:

  1. Incorrect email address – please check that you have entered you email address correctly and rewrite the inquiry.
  2. Using security software – the confirmation email may have been directed to the spam folder or the deleted emails folder so please check those folders.
  3. If your email settings blocks emails sent from addresses other than ones you have approved – please check your inbox settings and rewrite the inquiry.
  4. Non-standard characters may cause corruption of text so please be aware.
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