Great videos on Japanese swords and armor

If you have been following along on Youtube then there is a bright new star that is shining light on anything Japanese.

His name is Shogo and on his channel “Let’s ask Shogo”, he shares his deep knowledge of Japanese culture and traditions.

Recently he has been to our Shogoin store in Kyoto, focused on real Japanese Katana, and armor.

With great expertise, he takes a look at some of our price items.

Please have a look by following one of the links below or by searching for “Shogo & Tozando” on Youtube.

For everybody searching for a real Japanese sword, please watch this:

If you are interested in learning how to use a sword, please watch this video to find out what you need to get started.

Last but not least make sure to watch this video if you have an interest in Japanese armor, or just want to know how they were worn and used.

If you are interested in more authentic information about Japanese culture please make sure to follow Shogo on his channel.

Please have a pleasant holiday season.

1 thought on “Great videos on Japanese swords and armor”

  1. Kon ichi wa!
    Shogo brought me to your site. Interested in quality iaito.
    Arigato gozaimas

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