Handicraft and repairing of swords

At Tozando Shogoin Store, we offer the following services for handicraft and repairing of swords.

  • Blade polishing
  • Blade grooving
  • Blade restoration
  • Decorative engraving of the blade
  • Plain scabbard mounting
  • Tachi mounting
  • Tsuka wrapping and re-wrapping
  • Sheath making
  • Sheath lacquering
  • Blade collar(Habaki) making
  • Washer(Seppa) making

Application by representative for authentication

We can apply for authentication in your place for the sword you own. The authority for authentication is Nihon Bijutsu Token Hozon Kyokai (Society of Preservation of Japanese Art Swords).

Buying and trading in swords

At Tozando Shogoin Store we can buy off swords that are no longer needed by their owners at a good price. Also, when you buy a sword from our store, you can trade in at a sword that is no longer needed at a good price too.

Permission granted by Kyoto Prefecture Public Safety Commission. No. 61122073016

Commissioned sale

If a customer wishes to sell a sword at a particular price, we can also offer commissioned sale service.