Selected examples from many media coverage we have had



Asahi Broadcasting, televised on May 23, 2008
Jeff Berglund visited Geoffrey Moussas, a designer living in Kyoto, and talked about the traditional architecture of townhouses. During the talk, Tozando Shogoin Store was introduced as one of Moussas most confident constructions.

Gobu Gobu

Mainichi Broadcasting, televised on Dec 8, 2015
In this edition of the program, famous entertainer Kosuke Hamada goes around finding a birthday present for fellow entertainer Jun Tamura. Since Tamura has a keen interest in history, they came to Tozando Shogoin Store to show Tamura swords and Japanese armor. Both showed great excitement as they saw real swords from old times, modern remake of Japanese armor, a sword from the anime serious One Piece made in collaboration with Toei Animation.


TV Tokyo, televised on Jan 1, 2018
In the section “Hugely popular with foreigners! Experience an unexpected Kyoto tour”, Tozando Shogoin Store was introduced. The store was visited by foreign tourists who are interested not only in sightseeing but bushido, the spirit of martial arts and deeper aspects of Japanese culture.

Sekaiga Odoroita Nippon! Sugoi Iidesune!! Shisatsudan

TV Asahi, televised Dec 8. 2018
In the section “13 Best Shoppings by Foreign Visitors in Japan”, Tozando Shogoin Store was ranked in an impressive 5th as a store to visit if you would like to see swords, martial arts equipment, and Japanese armor. The program also showed a customer who is practicing iaido very hard choosing an iaito very carefully from the store, and going home very satisfied.

Yoi, don!

Kansai TV, televised on Feb 3, 2018
Popular section “Icchan Tkaimon HOW MUCH?” (How much is the most expensive thing?” had a session Kyoto Okazaki. Super Maradona (an entertainer duo unit) visited our store and introduced iaito, sword parts and other items. We also got to show off the most expensive old sword from the end of the Heian Period, and Super Maradona and those in the studio were all astonished by the price.


The Idea of Engawa

Shodensha, First published: March 22, 2008
Geoffery Moussas
Tozando Shogoin Store was shown on the cover and at the beginning of the book


Newsweek Japan

Oct 15, 2008
In an article about renovating old townhouse architecture into a modern style building, Shogoin Store was introduced.

In addition, we have received much coverage from overseas media such as CNN.

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