Here are 2 more lucky customers of The Tozando Samurai Armor Experience!

Let us introduce 2 more lucky customers of The Tozando Samurai Armor Experience, Ms. Daniela Castro from Colombia and Mr. Hiroshi Okubo from Japan! They just came into the Tozando Shogoin store together out of curiosity, saw a signage for the Armor Experience and knew they were in the right place!

Ms. Castro told us that she was not interested in Kimono experiences particularly, because they are too common and touristy in Kyoto, but The Armor Experience looked very unique and interesting even though she does not do any martial arts, so there was no reason not to try this for free! The pictures below show how great she looks as a samurai warrior! Mr. Okubo did not have an intention to try, but upon seeing how majestic Ms. Castro looked, he decided to become a Samurai too! Thank you very much Ms. Castro and Mr. Okubo!

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